Machu Picchu

Monday, July 25, 2016


So, here is a pic with my new suit, new mission President Herrera and my companion!

I did not take any other photos lol, but everything is going well over here.

P.S Totally not fair how tall Josh is getting.

We got to see President Herrera in a Multizone meeting this week it was super cool.
President Herrera knows a lot of scriptures, since he was an institute teacher before coming to the mission.  

So this week was actually REALLY hard for us, we had pretty ugly numbers except for the things we could control. 

Contacts, references asked and everything alright but a lot of the appointments we had with clients let us down. 
It is pretty sad, because we can't obligate anyone or force them to do anything which we know will be better for them in the long run, sometimes I would just love to do that :/

So 1 baptism we had planned probably is not going to happen, but we are still on track with the family getting married. They are having trouble, but we feel it will work out if we keep trying our best. They will probably be getting married next week if EVERYTHING works out (but it might be postponed).

Machu Picchu trip is planned for the 8th of August, 2 more weeks.  It will cost 245 soles, and I am going to pay it today in the office.

Love you guys a ton will take pics this week

Say hi to everyone for me.


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