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Monday, January 2, 2017

First Week in Puno

So I am here in Puno now!

So Mirador - which is my district - is alright.  The ward is fairly small (a little smaller than my last ward in Cusco).  We didn't have a ton of appointments this week, just a lot of walking!

Good news:
Our house is nice, I wrote down the direction, but left it in my agenda at home, I think its 1675 av. juliaca....big house. 3 stories with a roof patio (4th story).

Good news: We live with our pension!

Here is our house on Google Maps

Our room is on the 3rd floor, top left.  That is our window.  The whole house is our pensions though.  The wife used to be a cook in a restaurant, but I don't think she works anymore, her husband is a police officer in Puno.

This is my second time living with pension, in first area, Los Alamos in Cusco, we did too.

Since the ward is so small, we really do not have a lot of people to visit.  I feel like we "walk the same route" every day....Not too sure what to do at times to fill up our day.

We do have a baptism scheduled for January 14th. Gabriela.  We also have another investigator who is progressing -- but apart from those two -- we really don't have much else going on at the moment.

So yeah, we will just have to keep working hard and looking for opportunities.  To fill the time, we mainly just talk (in English!) lol, pretty funny, as I really have some some broken English.  Is weird having been out so long and only now having my second American companion!  We work on my companions Spanish as well -- but he actually speaks pretty well -- just takes time to get it down.  Me and my companion get along really well.  He is from Gilbert Arizona and is a fellow gamer!  We used to play a lot of the same games before our missions.  Is sort of a funny coincidence.

Here are some pics from this week.

The first is our view from our house / rooftop.

This is a little garden snake I found in our house -- haha.

Also we did a service project this week and found some scary Tarantulas when we were shoveling loose dirt...Yikes!

Here is a pic of me doing some door knocking!  Of course the door didn't have a house attached! :)

Here is one last pic from our Christmas party in Cusco -- with the entire Cusco zone.

So we are off this for this week.  We are with another Elder at the moment (Elder Cunya), and we have to go pick up his comp (there were some emergency changes).  So will talk to you guys next week!
Love you guys so much!
Sorry for the short writing! But u guys know my area now!
-Elder Barry

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