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Monday, January 30, 2017

Working in Puno

Hi guys!

This week was pretty good I guess.  We are working hard here in the sector, even though it is very cold.  So I did have my interview with Mission President that I needed to get done for college admission, that sure took a long time to schedule!

So about the package you guys sent, we are all good!  The mission office called me the next day and said they found the second portion of the stuff you had sent.  So no need to worry about that.  My companion goes to Cusco tomorrow for immigration stuff, and I will be here with Elder Hogan (who goes home in a week), so my comp will bring back my package!  Wohoo!

Today we played soccer and well, it hailed.  It looked Christmas. Take a look at the picture below.  LoL.

We did participate in the worldwide missionary broadcast.  They are changing the missionary schedule.  It looks like P-day will be longer (starting at 8 am) and then our normal daily schedule will be wake up at 7:30 am and proselytize until 10 pm.  We are not sure how that will work here in Peru and specifically here in Puno given it is extremely cold by 10 pm.  Our Mission President said to hold off on implementing any of the changes until we know more and he can structure a Cusco mission specific change to our schedules.

We had lots of meetings this week with the missionary broadcast and a multi zone conference.  So overall it was a pretty decent week.  We did take a journey out into the "boonies" this week.  We are starting to visit a new pueblo, called Totorani.  There a lot of people there so it is worth the effort to make the trip.  We were broke, so we walked the entire way!  It took us like 40 minutes to get there and is just gross, because it is all like dirt roads with holes and stuff.  We also passed a huge prison which apparently has almost 2000 people in it!  We didn't even know a prison was close by.

My companion and I are still getting along great.  Next week we have changes, but I am guessing we both stay here since it his only 2nd change here and my 1st.

Hope to talk to you guys more next week!
Have a great week guys, take care!

Love you tons!

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