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Monday, January 23, 2017

Peru living: rain storms and yet no running water for 3 days!

Hi guys.  Well this week really flew by to be honest!

My companion got really sick on Saturday, which of course always is horrible, but luckily we didn't really have that many appointments that day so were able to roll with it.

By the way, I forgot to tell you guys, but 2 weeks ago, I got scripture cases made (45 soles a piece). They are going to be cool, but it will be like 2 weeks before I get them (the guy who makes them has a TON of orders recently).

They are 100% leather, they both have the mission logo on the front (the old mission logo, not the new one which President Herrera adopted when he came) P.S. Old school is best! :)

On the back the cases have 2 different images, one is from a bible story, other one just a pic I like (will send pics of the cases in the upcoming weeks when I get them)!

They come with my name on the bottom, and on the spine, very interesting thing as they have a picture of a stick / scroll that says, "Stick of Ephraim" and other says "Stick of Judah", when you put them together they look cool! :)

So the 2 scripture cases and 1 agenda case all together cost 110 soles in all.  The scripture cases are way sweet though (everyone gets them made here in the mission).  I just got them for my Spanish scriptures though, would look goofy on English ones!

Things with comp are totally fine.  We get along very well and he is a hard worker.

The mission office wanted me to tell mom that my shoes arrived so she doesn't freak out :)  So she just sent shoes solo and the package after? I forgot about the shoes to be honest!

[We had actually sent the shoes and some other items TOGETHER so now we are trying to find the missing items.]

Funniest thing that happened this week:

As you know Puno is like the coldest place in our entire mission and sits right on the shores of Lake Titicaca.  So this week it was RAINING SO HARD.  Like every day! And for some strange reason we didn't have water for 3 days!  So my comp and I could NOT shower for 3 days.  It felt so gross, so I had to just make the best of it with my cologne and stuff.  LOL.  Is kind of crazy right?  We live next to one of the biggest freshwater lakes, raining every day and night, and no running water!? Huh?
The best thing that happened this week:

We have found tons of part member families.  Where one or more people in the family are already members of the church (usually less actives) and other people are not members.  So we spend a lot of time working with the less active members AND teaching the non-members.  We have found two new investigators this week that way.

Talk to you next week!
Take care, love you tons.

-Elder Barry

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