Machu Picchu

Monday, January 16, 2017


Hi guys.  I don't have that much time this week! But we are online now.

I didn't do anything for my 18 month mark, totally should have burned pants, (one of the many pairs that don't really fit me), but ended up just too busy / forgot about it! :)  I am really just only wearing the three pairs of pants I bought in Cusco now.

We didn't really do anything fun for P-day today.  That is ok, we still have fun just hanging out.

Anyway, this week we have had the goal to do FAMILY NIGHTS with as many of the ward members as possible. (It was actually set up by our ward mission leader).  We had a ton of appointments set up, but had like 50% of our appointments just flaked out / failed on us!  Lol.

However, at one of our family nights, we were able to find a less active family that has some unbaptized members.  We also went out with all the young adults this week. We got a ton of references from that work, because basically we had like 10 groups of 2 out working and contacting friends.  They did end up giving us a lot of work to follow up and work on those names.

But yeah things are good.

My companion and I laugh a ton; just really about how ridiculous things in Peru can be.  Is fun because as my only second companion from the States, we really share the same viewpoints on things.  For example, today in a "combi", van they use as a bus, a 80 year old lady who was sitting next to me like fell asleep on my shoulder!  I look over at her, then at my companion who was seated one row back and he is just

My comp didn't speak Spanish before his mission, but he speaks it fairly well already.  He is getting better each day for sure!

So we are off for this week.  Sorry about getting on so late today, but I still need to get my hair cut!
Love you guys tons.
Hope you have a great week

Tonight I will try to make the video for josh for his b-day.

-Elder Barry

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