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Monday, February 13, 2017

First of all, I need to apologize for only having 2 pictures this week (and took them both today basically)!

The first picture is from right now -- as my companion and I write our e-mails home!

Today for p-day we played soccer and it was way fun.  The second picture is from earlier today after our soccer game.

This week was fairly decent for work as well. We have a baptismal date on a young investigator named Majonri on March 18th, which is the mission's "White Night" when we have a mission wide goal to have baptisms.  Majonri is spanish for Mahonri.

This week, my companion was like dying on Saturday, body ache, diarrhea, and high fever.
So with permission, we went to hospital, pretty sure he got a pretty nasty shot from the Dr.!  But he is a lot better now.  It was a bit of a bummer though since we didn't work at all on Saturday (my comp spent the entire day in bed) and Sunday he had to take it easy.

So I basically did a lot of reading, and spent time talking with my companion and our members that we live with.  I tried to rest for a little bit, fell asleep for like 2 hours. Then I couldn't sleep AT ALL that night!

Well sorry for the short email.  My companion and I are going to hit the road. He wants to get some pants fixed and so have to do a bit of a hike to the tailors!

Hope you guys have a good week!  About my birthday package mom, don't sweat it!  Really.  I don't really expect anything big for my birthday, especially seeing how much stuff we will need to do / buy / pay attention to when I get home from my mission!

-Elder Connor Barry

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