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Monday, February 20, 2017

Another week in Puno

Hey Guys!

So first of all, got my scripture cases. Tomorrow I get the agenda one.

We played soccer today, it was seriously fun though. I have grown to really like it!  Am hoping can keep it up when I get home.

This week, TOO MUCH rain. Gets gross because it gets all muddy in the streets as we walk around.
This week we have been walking a ton!  Pretty crazy.
We helped a family that lives across the street from us though, with a little service project (picked up a lot of junk and shoveling dirt).  Bad news is that they are less active, so we pretty much can't visit them (because per our mission rules it is the members duty to visit less active people and "rescuing". Missionary work now corresponds to only investigators!

Pretty cool scripture cases huh? And they only cost 45 soles each, which is like $15 dollar (even a little less)!

We also ate Cuy this week (Guinea pig!)

One of the FEW times I have eaten it on my mission, and my companion's first time.  Here is a picture of my comp with his dinner! :)

It actually is "decent", not much meat, way like stretchy chewy skin, but it is not terrible.

Things are going well here.  We are working hard and finding more people to teach.

My companion is easy to get along with and we have fun together while we walk / work / look for people to approach and teach.

We are heading out now and we are going back down to the center of Puno.

I have to get some pants stitched up -- they have a bunch of holes in them!

Love you guys tons.
Talk to you next week.
-Elder Barry

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