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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sunburned in Puno

So this week, was rough to be honest.

We just walked everywhere and had failed / cancelled / forgotten appointments all week.  I suppose it is because the "Carnavales" where pretty much everyone is in the center of Puno instead of the boonies were we work!

I got extremely sunburned last P-day. You can see in that picture, hah (that is my pension in background of the picture).

In the cachina (little local market) they sell ties for .50 cents of a SOLE
So like, 15 cents USD. Pretty cheap!

Pretty funny, you find a lot of goodwill tags on them (now you know where all your stuff goes, HAH!)

Um, just thought it was cool, is in good shape.  So now I am "Harry Pooter" as Dad calls Harry Potter.

The only real good news from this week is that we found 2 new investigators, and they came to church.  We went to go "pick them up" at 8:45 AM. However, it took FOREVER for them to get ready, till around 9:10, then they say, "Just go we will meet you there" so pretty much missed the sacrament (sad part), but good news is they actually came after. Guess it was worth it, even though late!

I will need to take out a little bit of money today, since I am broke. Spent the money I had on my scripture cases, and all that. I seriously only have 50 peruvian cents left.... Hah

Talk to you next week
Elder Connor Barry

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