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Monday, March 6, 2017


Hey guys!

This week was decent, we did tons of walking, but also had a good amount of appointments and got a few new investigators.

We went to a ward activity this week (our investigators came too!).  Here is a pic.

Will send more pictures, but they load slow!

We are going to play soccer today with the Bishop of the ward the zone leaders are in. Apparently the Bishop put together a team of old guys, and they are willing to pay for the field, but only if we actually "form a good team".  So only a select few of us from the zone are going!  We are going to crush them as they are just a bunch of old guys with guts, so confident we are going to run all around them.   But hey, they are paying for the field, so what more can I ask for.. HAH.

This week was decent though, went in Divisions, I went to the District Leaders sector, but with his companion (guy he is training), Elder Rojas....Way cool guy.  We had tons of contacts, new families to teach, but just unlucky it wasn't in my sector!.  HAH

Today a guy told us he didn't really have time to hear us or talk with us because "his leg hurts", was one of the weirdest excuses I have heard in my mission.

Almost got struck by lightning this week, it seriously sounded like a gunshot in our hears, and left them ringing after. Was pretty crazy, struck the house next to us, then the cables above us like blew up, and all the lights went out, we went running back home!

We've only been on 40 mins, still got 20 minutes left, but we are going to go play soccer.

AFTER soccer, will come back and write again for a short bit......Will have the pictures!
Love you guys a ton..


Hi, we are back!  First off, we WERE invited to go see the temple groundbreaking, but we had an appointment, they told us late about the temple groundbreaking and we couldn't go :(

The primary kids drew a picture of my companion and I, and we found it on the door to church!

They were just told to draw the elders and what they do.  Pretty hilarious when we saw it.

They said we teach about Jesus Christ, help people in accidents, baptize people and then bring them to the temple.  I guess they got a pretty accurate idea. Hah!

Here I am deep in thought.....

Jeez these pictures are taking FOREVER to load....Internet must be pretty gross

Okay going to send this message and attach them in other

So we won the soccer games (of course).  There were 3 teams, 1 full of bishops and the stake president. 1 full of YSA from different wards and 1 full of missionaries from the zone.

Was super fun, and they all INSISTED I was from Europe, because "apparently" people from the states "cant play soccer".

We are off to a family night with a member family that doesn't come to church because they had some "problems" (fights) with other members.  Pretty sad because he was branch president before:P

Talk to you guys next week
Take care!

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