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Monday, March 13, 2017

Keeping up the work in Puno

Hi guys.

So my companion woke up today sick as a dog. So that is a bummer, and I truly know how he feels!  I think we are still going to play soccer today for P-day, but think he is going to sit this one out!

This week was pretty rough here in the mission. I am not going to lie.  We got to spend some time in a little pueblo called "Mañazo", which is about an hour away from our house.  This was a zone activity where we all went to different pueblos to contact people.  It is pretty hard for folks who are interested in learning more to even proceed with the lessons given they usually don't want to come to church being so far out from town.

We also had our multizone/interview with mission President this week.  That was a good day, but still involved a lot of traveling.  We did end up making a lot of new contacts this week, so I guess that is a good start for the weeks ahead as we continue working here in Puno.

I still haven't received my package -- and I guess the mission President couldn't travel with all the missionary packages, so it wasn't brought out to Puno from Cusco this week.  I am sure it will come eventually!

We have transfers next week, and I would really like to train another new missionary.  Evidently we have 10 Elders and 11 Sisters coming in next week!  There is work to be done here in my district and I really feel like having a greenie for the last two transfers of my mission would help me keep focused and working hard!  But I guess the odds of that happening aren't that high! :(

My first greenie, Elder Sanchez, is in my zone so I get to see him every P-day.  Is fun to see him and notice how he has progressed. It is his birthday tomorrow!  I can't believe I turn 20 in a few days.  Crazy how time has flown by out here.

Here is a picture of me with a balloon sword -- the Elders Quorum president here knows how to do all that balloon art! :)  

I am trying to keep focused on the work and not get too "trunky" thinking about home.  I just have to keep working for 90 more days!  Hah!

Well we are out of here!  See yah next week, news with changes.

Elder Barry

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