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Monday, March 20, 2017

Transfers / New Area and Very Sick Companion

Okay guys, I have like 30 emails this week that I need to respond too (a lot of them are birthday messages!) but just typing this first.

So I got a change, I will be leaving current sector (Mirador) and being transferred to Juliaca!  That is literally like 45 minutes away!  [Editors note:  What is crazy is that in the San Diego mission where we live the ENTIRE mission is encompassed in a 45 minute drive; but yet in Connor's mission that is a crazy "short" inter-zone transfer in Cusco!]

The weirdest news is still to come!  I AM WITH ELDER LARA IN JULIACA!  [Elder Lara is his current companion.]  Like we are closing Mirador and opening up a new sector in Juliaca to be called "Universidad".  I am actually VERY excited about opening a new area AND staying with Elder Lara.  He is a great guy.  I will be a District Leader again, so not really excited about the additional administrative work!

So apparently our new area will be pretty huge!  It is called "university", apparently because, yes you guessed it, that is where the university is.  I have heard the work in Juliaca is really nice, just got to wait and see!!!!

Apologies for no pictures, videos or anything today.  We didn't really plan on coming to the internet when we did, so left my camera back in our room.  From what I have heard about our new sector, we will live with the Bishop, but not with the pension.  That is about all I really know.  The Ward is a bit stronger than Mirador (as it will have around 80 members in attendance from the 50 we had in Mirador).  

Pretty crazy that I am 20 years old right!?

So my birthday was "ok."  I tried not to tell any members, (only the pension knew).  In the morning, we ate cake.  She bought a 50 sole cake from PlazaVea here, which was super kind of her!  Then she made me any lunch I wanted.  I chose a plate that consisted of mashed sweet potatoes, and like a stir-fry type thing on top.  I guess it is pretty weird to describe, but I really liked it!  That evening, and I don't know how they knew about it, but the Bishop and all the YSA came over to our house and wished me a happy birthday.  It was very nice of them, but pretty awkward as well, because they all were saying stuff abut me and basically embarrassing me! :) but it was cool.  

We did have a fairly wild week work-wise.  We didn't get to work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, because my companion had to be in "complete rest".  But he is way better now, but he was VERY sick this week.  He evidently had a very serious stomach infection and we had to visit the doctor almost every day.  

I am guessing it is almost certain that I will "die" in Juliaca though [finish his mission].  It would be great if Elder Lara is my final companion.  That isn't impossible anymore, since we are opening up a new sector.

So I basically hung out when my companion was sick.  I wrote my talk (which I gave at church yesterday), listened to music, studied and basically tried to cheer him up in between him taking all his antibiotics and trips to the bathroom like every 20 minutes!  Poor guy! 

I am excited to open up a new area, I think that is a great way to reinvigorate me for the work for my last two transfers!  I am not all that excited for the added admin stuff of a District Leader, but am sure it will be fine.  I would love to have a few more baptisms before I go home, I know it is possible.

Well guys, next week I will have news on Juliaca!  Love you guys.  I will take pics and vids of Juliaca (p.s: its SUPER


Elder Barry

P.S. Here are a few pictures the mission sent around.

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