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Monday, April 24, 2017

Baptisms in Juliaca

Hi Mom and Dad!  So this week was a great one working away in the mission field.  In particular, this week we had 4 baptisms in my District.  It was a "White Night" with that many great baptisms scheduled.  We also had 12 investigators come to church in our Ward this week!  That was pretty crazy and is definitely a record for me on my mission.

Our Mission President is talking about opening up a second area in our current area (Universidad), so that would mean we would have 4 missionaries in the Ward.  That would be neat, but we wouldn't live together, although we would share the same pension!  It is always fun to have another set of Elders in the same area.  We will find out the specifics next week when changes happen (May 1st).

I can't believe that this will be my last change / my 17th in the mission!

My companion got his cast off this week and everything is good with him.  We are guessing that we will be split up next week. I am guessing they might just move one of us to the NEW Universidad area and bring in two new companions (one for each of us), but guess we see.  We have 14 missionaries going home this transfer and 17 come in, so I think that means the mission will try and open up at least 3 new sectors.

The next multi-zone conference we have will be my last one and the one that I am asked to give my "last testimony" at.  Is a time when the old timers talk to the younger missionaries about what they learned, what they might wish they did differently, etc..  That will be around mid-May for me.  

So yeah everyone was making fun of me in my baptism pants!  They are HUGE on me.  People didn't believe they were actually my pants.   

My companion and I are still running (pretty consistently) in the mornings. But only for like 25 minutes.  Is really nice though, but TIRING. We get literally like 5 to 10 minutes into the run and our chests start throbbing and just hard to breathe.  Will be interesting to see how I do at home.  

It still would be a great way to end my mission with training a new Elder.  But I doubt that will happen.  I have seen it before with only one transfer left, but is pretty rare.  They just usually want the trainer and the trainee together for 2 changes.

Well we are off to have lunch and then just hang out and relax (no plans this p-day and that is actually kind of exciting!).  

Love you guys.

Hope you have a good week..


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