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Monday, May 1, 2017

Staying in Juliaca for final transfer

Hey guys!  I am on early again today.  Well today was transfer days again and I am staying here with Elder Lara!  So this will be my 4th change with Elder Lara.  So by the time I go home, I will have been with him for 6 months!  That is great though as we get along really well and love having a companion that I get along with so well.

We were in a TRIO since Thursday this week with Elder Cunya.  His companion (Elder Diaz, who has the super long hair (a cultural thing and which is "legal" here in the mission) from Ecuador) got an infection in his belly button (gross huh and no idea how that happens).  He is getting an operation in Cusco.  So not sure how long Elder Cunya will be with us.

So my area is being split in two like I thought it would be.  Universidad 2 is being opened by Elder Wells (was in our district in Puno) and he is going to train a new Elder.  Wells is super cool so excited to have him in our area.  So Elder Lara is going go "kill me" (be with me as I go home) and I am still the District Leader.

The new Elders in Universidad will live by the church (other side of sector), but we actually don't split the sector geographically.  It is pretty much what we did in Cusco / Tahuantinsuyo with the Zone Leaders. Whoever you find, you teach and so we all share the same geographical limits.  So we are keeping all of our investigators (around 15 or so right now) and the new Elders have to open a new area and find new investigators for themselves!

Apologies for not taking any pictures this week.  We just got busy with work and time flew by fast.  Our pension took the picture (above) from her phone which has all 3 of us that served in the Trio this week.

This week we added a new investigator to our group.  Her family are less actives (her brother is a returned missionary), but she only came to church before when she was REALLY young (5-6 years old).  She has come to church now two times in a row.  She is really kind and understands what we teach her right away.  She offered the closing prayer in the first lesson, and said, "I believe this is the true church".  That was a first for me! :)  This Saturday we have another appointment to teach her.  We are hoping that can be a baptism for us by the end of the month.  We have another Zone wide "white night" scheduled for May 27th.  So that is our goal to have at least one baptism by then.

We also heard that apparently we have a member of the Quorum of the Twelve coming to Cusco to visit in June!  We are not sure of the date yet or which Apostle is coming.  I will let you know what I hear next week.  I sure hope I am still here in the mission when the visit happens!

My plans for that last week are basically set.  I will come in to Cusco on Saturday (the 10th of June).  They let you do that ONLY if you served in Cusco during your mission.  So since I served in Cusco twice, I sort of have my pick to where to go.  I am really excited to visit my first area where I was trained (Los Alamos) but the problem is that only 4 sisters serve there now.  So I will most likely be teamed up with some priesthood members for Saturday and Sunday.  My other area (Tahuantinsuyo) has Elders, but I really want to visit the ward where I STARTED.  There are tons of recent converts that are willing to work with missionaries and let me stay with them in that ward though--its huge!  If not---I can just visit Tahuantinsuyo.

Funny note: I will be in the church on Sunday June 11th about 3 minutes away from the airport when you guys land!  But as you know we apparently can't see each other until Monday night.  Lame huh?

Well we are off to play soccer in our Trio of Elders!  Love you.  Take care!

-Elder Barry

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