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Monday, May 8, 2017

A Trio Working in Juliaca

Hi everyone.  So this week pretty rough.  We are still in a trio with Elder Cunya. We really haven't received any news about his companion.  We hope he is ok and doing better, but we really aren't told anything.

So we actually are not having a member of Quorum of the Twelve come to our mission in June.  I guess that was just a rumor.  We are instead having Elder Craig C. Christensen from the 70 though on June 7th.

It will be interesting to see what they do with me in terms of travel plans.  I was going to come into Cusco anyway on the 10th to wrap up my mission.  I am guessing they will just bring me in (along with entire mission) on the 7th for our meeting with Elder Christensen and then let me stay there rather than sending me back and then turning right around a day later basically and coming to Cusco again.

We are working hard though since we also need to cover Elder Cunya's area.  So we spend our time in our area and then running over to Elder Cunya's area.  The good news is that working keeps us busy and I don't think about going home as much!  We also have a great investigator in his area that accepted a baptism date for the 27th (the next Mission White Night).  We have two tentatively scheduled for that day!

Working in a trio is a little hard actually. Everything is more complicated!  The travel arrangements by moto taxi; teaching a lesson (when we are so used to two Elders); and even just walking down the road with three of us!  Is all just sort of strange.  We don't want to waste money so when we take a mototaxi to Elder Cunya's area we try and spend the entire day working there.

I assume we will still be in a Trio for our Mother's Day call on Sunday.  That might be interesting for logistics too.  I guess we will figure it out.  I will try and figure out what time we are talking and will tell you beforehand.  I assume it will be like around 6 pm my time.

Elder Cunya gets to sleep on the cot in the picture above.  He says it is fine, but I am sure he is ready to go "home."  

We also spent a fair amount of time this week looking for a room for the Elders opening up a new area here.  We really spent most of the day Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and a lot of Thursday.  We didn't expect it to take that long, but honestly, everything we looked at was pretty scary!  Most didn't have hot water, didn't have a private bathroom, or were just extremely dirty / run down. 

But after a lot of prayer, we finally found a decent room for them.  I prefer ours still for sure!  But it was the best (by a long shot) of the things we saw.  They live very close to our church building.  

This coming week should be busy, as we plan on spending a lot of time in Wiracocha (Elder Cunya's area), and mostly trying to firm up our two baptisms for the 27th.  It looks like we will have a lot of baptisms this White Night in our zone!  

For our time in Peru after my mission ends, I am literally going to be wearing basically the same few sets of P-day clothes for a week!  It is weird how I have more white shirts than p-day clothes!  Elder Lara and I were laughing the other day when we realized "how did a white shirt and tie become normal clothes!"  That is the joy of missionary work though!

So looking forward to our LAST phone call this Sunday afternoon.  Take care. Wow, can't believe this is our last call!

Love you all.

-Elder Barry

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