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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day

[We got the chance to talk with Connor via Skype for Mother's Day!  We are excited as this was the 4th and final video call and now we just have the last 27 days to wait until he comes home!]

[We also got our weekly email on Monday and the blog entry below is a combination of a portion of that Monday email along with some text / chat we had with Connor as his companion spoke with his parents.]

Hey guys!   So we can video chat in about an hour once my companion is done.  We can chat on Skype until he is done though.

We are not in a Trio anymore.  Our third Elder went back "home" on Tuesday, so we have been the dynamic duo for a while.  Today was an awesome day in church!  We had 10 investigators at church and now have 3 confirmed baptisms for the 27th!  (We might actually have 4 but are still working on that.)  I think my District will have 6 or 7 by itself on the 27th and our entire zone will have over 10.  Pretty exciting and is helping me not think about going home!  It helps to have work to keep you busy.

Here is another picture of my mission dollar!  It only has one letter left unshaded!  [They evidently color in one letter a month until all 24 months / letters are complete.]

We have a very busy week scheduled to keep teaching our investigators and line up the District baptisms for the upcoming White Night.  The weather is very strange right now, as it is very hot in the day and then come evening it gets very cold.  I sort of wish it would just pick one or other!  Hot or cold!

Well not much more to say given we got to talk live yesterday!  Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

Love you.

-Elder Barry

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