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Monday, May 22, 2017

Lots of work!

Hello from Juliaca!  This week was just a good week working.  We were sent to Puno on Saturday to have interviews with the Mission President.  Mine was pretty easy, and VERY short, as I guess he is realizing we will have our final and more "official" final interview in less than 3 weeks!

This week we had 7 investigators at church, taught a ton of lessons, and have confirmed 2 baptisms for the Zone's White Night this Saturday.  We thought we were going to have 3 baptisms by Saturday, but one investigator wants to wait until June 17th when his Dad will be in town.  So I guess that one will be for Elder Lara and his new companion!

Here are a few pics from this week.  Nestle Ecco is a barley drink that everyone drinks down here.  I am actually a fan of this!  But I am not sure it exists back home, so I will need to take home a few cases!

We also found a bunch of new investigators this week, including an older man who appears to be in a lot of debt and has many problems and issues.  We were a little unsure how to approach the lesson given the host of issues he has, but it actually turned out very well!

Messing around in soccer today--- played volleyball and soccer as a zone-- and made these little funny videos!

Love you guys.  Talk to you next week.

Elder Barry

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