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Monday, April 10, 2017

Hi guys!  I am online now.  So we don't have P-day today, but only time to write emails.  We aren't having a true P-day today because we are going to Uros with the Mission President on Friday.  Uros is that floating island of reeds in Puno.  I will make sure and send pics when I go.  So Uros has been off limits to missionaries for the last year or so.  But apparently we get to go for a special occasion with the Mission President, so that will be exciting!  

Here are a few selfies with a member who was baptized like a month or so ago and is so excited about the Gospel and sharing it with everyone!  AWESOME!

In terms of work here is what we have going on:

-Avril passed her baptismal interview and so we will have that on Saturday!  That will be exciting!

-A really cool 20 year old came to church this week with a member, and he is VERY interested in learning more.  So we have an appointment already scheduled to teach him this week.  

-We got 10 (other) new investigators this week, so we will see how they progress over the next week or two.  

We found the 10 new investigators by just knocking on doors this week!  We are still working through our old area books, and we found an entire family that was interested in taking the lessons!  They were NOT the people in the book, so was very cool to find them.  

We would have had 12 new investigators, but decided not to count 2 of them, because they were a drunk husband AND a drunk wife, but they did in fact listen to us and were asking questions.  But obviously not understanding that much given the amount of alcohol they had drunk.  

So my companion's hand was not broken last week, just a torn ligament.  He has to wear a cast for like 2 weeks.
We found this place out walking around this week.  I think it is a bit of a copyright infringement on Napoleon Dynamite!  

Well I am off for today.  Love you guys so much! Take care!!!!!
I will  take pics at floating island this week...pretty much have Pday on Friday..but we won't be able to write again until next Monday.  

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