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Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference in Juli Peru

So this was a good week.

Only rough part for me was the conference was in Spanish :P. Definitely not the same for me. Although I understand it, is just very different.

We watched conference in the Juli branch building, in the morning session we had about 50 people there. Sadly in the afternoon session we had 4 people. My companion and I and other 2 elders.....So that was interesting.....

The other two elders that came were from Ilave.  Apparently their branch president didn't want to open the church or something so he just ordered everyone to go to to Juli to watch it!

Also we didn't get to watch the priesthood session yet. We went to the church when our ward mission leader was "going to open the church" and he didn't come (and turned of his cell phone), so that was cool. But will have to download it and watch it later :P

So here is my 9 month bill!

Giant party here in Juli this week.  Evidently for the anniversary / founding of the city.  It woke me up at 6 in the morning with music and it lasted until about midnight that same day!  Literally EVERYONE was urinating in the street......Men and women, boys and girls. So gross.

So this week was really really hard (work-wise) due to the parties, there was a TON of drunk people.

But this week we were able to find a new investigator who is a cousin of a member. He apparently already received all the lessons and wants to be baptized. All we gotta do is start teaching the lessons again and hopefully plan a date. I sure hope I stay here at least one more change to be able to be here for his baptism! I dont want another baptism missed because of changes like what happened in Cusco!

So this coming Sunday is elections here in Peru. What our leaders have told us is that we can't leave our houses really and can't be proselytizing.  Evidently it is a crime to have church activities on this election day.  So it is like a second p-day but on the sabbath day.....that is sorta cruddy lol. So we wont have church Sunday either :(

Gotta go! Will make videos!

love you guys!

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