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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Voting Day in Peru

So this week was alright.

Sunday was probably the most boring day of my life -- since it was election day in Peru and it was against the law to basically hold any sort of meeting.  So we couldn't go to church and couldn't teach any lessons! We did a tad of studying and slept lol.

Here is a video showing how bored I was! :)

We just worked "normally"this week (before elections) and it was actually sort of a dull week. Had 4 lessons with recent converts, 4 with less actives and only 1 new investigator. Changes are already next week, came SUPER fast.

P-day today was nothing special. Didn't have district meeting because we have zone meeting in Puno this Friday. We literally just have been relaxing today, went out to eat and came here lol!

My landlord has a cute little dog (not as great as Kobe of course) and it likes to spend time with us!

Landlord daughters thought I looked like the Joker from Batman -- so they got a little crazy with makeup!

I gotta go already, love you guys tons! Have a good week! Next week Ill know about changes!


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