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Monday, April 25, 2016

So this week was pretty good, we are still searching for that baptismal date for the 27th but I am sure we will get it, we already have someone in mind who is definitely prepared.

So today we got a new greenie in the district, Elder Daybell, is super cool though, graduated class of 2014 and did a year at SUU and then worked a year before leaving! He is in Yunguyo with Powell!

It is cool seeing all the people reporting to the mission when I am coming up on a year! :)

So I pretty much wrecked Dayron (son of the owner of our building) in chess, I have no clue how to play, think I just got lucky but somehow I ended up putting him in check mate, but its all skill! :)
He was pretty heated after, "HOW IS A GRINGO BEATING ME" lol

So this week 3rd hour of church was pretty interesting. So our Branch President is like 70 years old, you already know that, but apparently it was his "duty" to give the 3rd hour but didnt prepare anything. So literally he talked like 10 minutes about his family and then looked at his watch, was like..."ummmm....well, looks like we still have a little bit of time left, so....Elders, maybe you could teach us a few Hymns"? Me and my companion looked at each other, confused, like, whaaat? So he pulled out a hymnbook and started asking us page by page, "do you know this one", followed by the same answer "nope, nope , nope" (we don't know too many hymns)!  Eventually found one that we knew and we "sang" it, or pretty much just me and my companion sang while the others just blubbered lol.

For the rest of the week here are the key things that happened each day:

Monday: Nothing except we didnt have anything to eat for Dinner and we tried to go buy from a local store and they were all closed :(

Tuesday: Today we had 4 contacts and 4 references asked, and also 1 new investigator, we still haven't found the person to be baptized the 27th of May!

Wednesday: So today we went to the "campo". Had to hike like 45 minutes to visit a member, and we BARELY caught him before he was leaving his house! Sheesh that would have sucked, was super cold though, its supposed to get real cold here these coming weeks.

Thursday: Today was actually alright. We found a new less active! 16 year old kid that says he was baptized at 8 years old but stopped coming at 9. His parents dont really want anything to do with us but they are all for us teaching him!

Friday: So today my companion had a little stomach bug, got better though, but was pretty bad in the morning. We didnt do comp study but it was okay lol, its a legit excuse. We just visited members that day. SUPER COLD

Saturday: Normal day, I actually dont think anything cool happened.

Sunday: Is the adventure in church / 3rd hour sing-a-long.  Me and my companion are still laughing about that, just funny how different things can be here in a little branch haha. But im not complaining, at least we dont have to be the branch president lol, because that happens in some parts of the mission.

I love you too, gotta go, will take pics, excited to skype in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS


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