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Monday, May 2, 2016

A week of sickness!

So, this week was quite terrible!

So Tuesday night, I literally just randomly start feeling like it got super cold out of nowhere, so I put on a sweater and I still am just shaking like nuts, I get sorta confused, try to go to bed and cant end up doing it till like 4AM, fun!

Wednesday I wake up even worse, I feel like hot and cold at the same time, shivering and with a terrible headache, I legit just didnt get out of bed.

Thursday, same day!

Friday, SAME DAY!

Saturday in the middle of the day I just finally felt better, it was just really weird.

The worst part of it all was the constant stomach problems though, I cant explain how just terrible it was, that is actually the first time I've gotten sick in Juli!

Sunday: Church! was good, we finally got the good news that our young mission leader is going on his mission, and leaves this Saturday for Bolivia. Interesting experience, for the first hymn they started singing "How Firm a Foundation" to the tune of "Spirit of God" it was REALLY interesting, me and my companion were just looking at each other wondering if this was some kinda premade thing or if they actually think that is how it goes. I am sorry to say its the second.

Today we went to Puno we went to cut hair, ate at PlazaVea, and went to like a special market they are having there, it was sorta nasty, just a bunch of people burning stuff so it smelled super bad!

When I got so sick I just had to tell our District leader.  The rule is basically that if you are throwing up you don't leave, so that was pretty horrible experience.

It is just I dont know how it came! I literally always wash my hands (or try to), and I hardly ate ANYTHING that could do me any harm lol, it was just confusing how fast it came.

I was told I could go out and buy "stuff" to help, so on Wednesday I bought a pill that was recommended by Zone Leaders and it did practically nothing I think, would have preferred morphine I felt like I was dying lol!

My companion gave me a blessing.  He basically just studied and actually slept a bit too, I think there is only so much studying you can do solo at least :P.

We had an interesting ride on a moto taxi today.  Very rattly and the driver was trying to act like our tour guide and not watching the road!

We don't have ANYONE lined up yet for our goal of a baptism by the 27th! Sorta sucks! But there is still hope! We have someone that only needs to assist 2 times, but time is ticking!

We did have a rescue last week though, forgot to say that :P

Have other 2 lined up too :P

Lots of less active work

Sad to hear, I just had a bit to talk with Elder Noel, from my CCM group. So apparently there is an Elder from our group that recently went home early :( Not sure why, but sad to hear :(.

So Sunday we have permission to Skype and I am super excited.  I will chat with you on Skype before the video call with specifics.

But hey time is up, but I will see you in LESS than a week in VIDEO! Will be exciting!!!!!


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