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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day

[Updated on Tuesday @ 3:30 PM.  Connor was able to email a bit today -- after having some problems on Monday.  I am leaving the original posting (before hearing from him) below.]

So yesterday was crazy! We traveled to Juliaca which is like an hour farther away from Puno and ate PizzaHut in PlazaVea there! A ton of traveling but was sort of worth it :P  Then we got stuck in some CRAZY traffic in Juliaca because its just so crowded, and also there was a riot from the college students and they were throwing rocks at cars, interesting!

Not much more to say than what we said on skype, but here are a few photos, the red shirt is a new one i bought recently just becuase it says "California".

We were just stuck in Juliaca till like 6 and got home at like 9, was crazy. (Sucks being so far from everything!)

Today my skin is peeling a ton on my forehead in one part, like where my scalp starts, I got skin looking like Deadpool lol.

I am so tired of these internet connections, in places like Cusco I think it is better, maybe next time when we skype I will be in a sector with better internet! :O

We finally GOT IN CONTACT with Junior, he said he is coming to church this week but I don't know, its just so hard because he lives way far out there in the fields! Its sad news though, so much of our zone has lost baptismal dates recently for that day at end of May where we had a mission goal for baptisms, I don't know how many we will actually have! :(

People here think California is SUPER cold, not sure how they got that in their head lol. No houses here have heating-cooling, only the church and the mission home from what i've seen! And I don't know, but the heat just doesn't stay in like they all say "it does" lol.

Sorry tons of emails from others day, couldn't write much and times up, but ill see you guys in less than a week already! Will take pics and TRY to to moms "request"! Love you guys.


[After about a 40 minute delay due to internet issues @ Connor's location in Juli --- we got to talk to him around 5:00 pm on Mother's Day.  It was a great conversation!  He is looking so GOOD! :)  He seems to be in great spirits -- but it was clear that although he loves his current companion he really has been in Juli far too long!  (He has been there since November of last year).  

This is the ONLY place in his entire mission where they don't have a "pension" (someone who cooks for them, does laundry, etc...) and so it is just a very removed / rural location.  There are not a ton of people in the location, the branch struggles, and the amount of missionary work he can do there is just limited by all those factors.  We are hoping he will get a transfer in the next change -- which is 3 weeks from now.

I did record our entire Skype call again -- but haven't been able to upload any videos yet.  I have posted a few pics from our call below.  

The quality of the Skype call ranged from "ok" to poor -- so we missed a few words / conversations.  We lost video at time, etc..  It was VERY hard to say goodbye and honestly depressed us a bit to say good-bye and realize wouldn't see him again until Christmas!

The following day (Monday) was his P-day and normal day for emails.  But we didn't receive anything, so not sure if he had internet problems again.  Bummer.  :)] 

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