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Monday, May 16, 2016

Yet another week in Juli

So! This week was actually pretty dull! A whole lot of walking and nothing more lol.

So this week we went to the branch presidents house and it was hard because we had to hike like 10000km lol, it lasted like 5 hours in total, with time for us to get there, meet with him and then getting home!  He has a super annoying donkey too that wouldn't stop...... I don't know what you call the noise they make.  [Braying is what it is called ;)]

We are going back this week to branch presidents house, so I will try and take a few video clips of us going there, and you will see, there is literally NOTHING civilized out there; just all horses, cows and stuff.

So this Sunday was yet another Juli classic!  My companion had to direct the hymns (and they didnt even know his name, so they just pointed to him when they needed someone to direct lol), then I was supposed to be the one breaking the bread for the sacrament but no one else was there to help, and my companion was leading the hymn so I had to wait for him to finish the hymn and then awkwardly broke the bread AFTER the hymn, gotta love that... Then we gave talks in Sacrament meeting. Then we went to Sunday School and apparently there wasnt a teacher there so we had to give that class too :O, even worse, my comp was feeling sick that day so I just practically gave it. Then we went to Priesthood where the teacher also forgot to prepare the class so he just read out of a book word for word for an hour.  I guess you can say I am ready for a change in a few weeks.

We really didn't do anything for P-day, so boring here, everyone just goes right back to their own sectors after the district meeting, I am very excited to do stuff for Pday again in my next sector!

We had our meeting in Juli today, then we went and ate, then we came to internet, not much of a Pday, but next Pday we have some kind of SURPISE pday in Puno, not sure what it will be, but that is just what they have told us.

But yeah gotta take a video of the walk in the boonies this week.

The only 2 pictures i have this week are me with that hat on. That style of hat is what ALL of the women wear here. Some kind of tradition lol, they are super uncomfy though i think.

I look forward to making the video and hiking out the field, it can be sorta cool lol, there is a river and stuff like that.

It will be awesome to get a change though, I am really hoping not Juliaca or Puno though, I want to get to know all of the mission :P, and those 2 are just so close lol.

I haven't received my package yet, but this thursday we got a zone conference, but not sure if the zone leaders already have my package, maybe it comes with changes in 2 weeks not sure :O

We unfortunately don't have any CONSISTENT investigators at the moment, we have some lessons in and out but nothing that is consistent, sorta sucks -_-.

I don't actually think it is possible to have our baptism by the goal date for the entire mission.  In Peru and Bolivia, the mission rules established by the area presidency is that people have to come to church 3 times before being baptized, and Junior only has 1, and so coming 2 more times doesn't fit in before May 28 :( Would be nice to be in Brazil where they only have to church 1 time before being baptized lol :P

But hey my time is up, love you guys a ton though, will take a vid this week of the field, bye!

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