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Monday, May 23, 2016

Another (hopefully last) week in Juli

So this week my package finally got here, thanks so much for everything! (All of the mac and cheese are gone already)!

I bought a new shirt this week, 30 soles is what it costed.

So this week, we didn't go to the branch presidents house because he is no longer branch president! We got a new one now, its a younger guy returned missionary, like 25 years old or so.

I DID NOT bring my camera to the zone conference, but I panicked when I realized and messaged Elder Ludlow to bring his, so we actually have photos together he just has to send them to me.

Today we have a special Pday activity dinner thing in Puno at 6, should be interesting. What sucks is that we are going to be there until night so we will have to sleep in a room on a mattress without pillows with 4 other elders and there is one elder that snores like a bear, so should be REALLY fun!

Me and my companion ate 2 mac and cheese on Sunday because we didn't have anything to eat and we couldn't buy anything (sometimes the Sabbath day can be so hard without a pension!)

Thanks for buying me some white shirts.  I prefer long sleeve, but if I get sent to the jungle, I might need some more short sleeves as well.  I am going to have to burn a shirt here in like a month from now, crazy to think! [At his one year mark he burns a shirt]

Well I gotta go, next week will have news on changes, love you guys, will bring my camera to the dinner today :P

Bye! See you guys next week!

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