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Monday, May 30, 2016

After 6 Months in Most Remote Portion of Mission: Connor is back in Cusco!

[About 8 am this morning we got a random picture from Connor's camera with just a note saying: "Change to Cusco."  So we knew he had gotten transferred and could tell from pic he was on the bus.  This trip is something like 6 to 8 hours in total depending on roads / weather / stops they make.  We didn't know if Connor would have time to send any more emails but he did get chance.]

Here is the random pic from Bus

So, Im in Cusco again! Like 20 minutes away from my old sector but its a different zone. Its called Tahuantinsuyo, we are actually sharing a sector with zone leaders (Elder Cortijo and Elder Kline). We pension together and live together, is interesting.

My companion is Elder Damazo, he is cool.

I dont have pictures because I dont have my camera, we arrived to Cusco late, ate , and came here and i left all my stuff in the room, will be nice though

Elder Ludlow got sent to Quillabamba, its a jungle part of cusco. Looks like hes gonna be finishing there with just 3 changes left.

So Im thinking of going to Macchu Picchu NEXT change, because thats actually when elder ludlow goes and it would be good to go together, we talked about it!


So yesterday we are relaxed at like 6:00 in the afternoon, and the ZONE LEADERS call us telling us the changes. They tell us that there is going to be a strike in Puno like Tuesday and Wednesday  so they said I had to do my bags RIGHT NOW and be in Puno THAT NIGHT because the bus leaves at 8 in the morning. So legit I was cramming to do my bags, (so hard) and then the LIGHTS WENT OUT when Juli lost power again. So I was legit trying to do my bags in complete darkness.

So yep, Macchu Picchu in July or somewhere around there, its going to be SO sick, legit exited!

This is a strong ward, like 110 people go to church every week, and our pension is a CHEF, so that is pretty cool! It has a lot of work! Its weird though because there are TONS of tourists!

My comp is from Elder Ludlows group (but hes Latin so he finishes in November) Hes been in this area for 2 changes (3 months)!

It was a bummer leaving Bordon, but there is some big news about Juli.

So apparently the mission is getting a lot smaller missionary count wise, so they legit combined Ilave and Juli. The district is only 4 elders now, Bordon with an elder that was in Ilave, and their sector is Ilave and Juli, and then Yunguyo with Powell and Daybell.

My new comp is from Peru, from a place north of Lima called like Wacha or something.

Here are two pictures from our Puno Zone dinner last week.

I don't have the address of house we are staying at, but there is one, so will have to get it this week and send it next week so you can try and find it on Google Maps.

Should be fun living with 4 Elders, our house is pretty big, Elder Ludlow told me living in Puno with 4 Elders was the best time on his mission.

So crazy to think Elder Ludlow has this change, and then 2 more, thats crazy! He completed 1 year when he was with ME!

Bus ride was actually pretty crappy, the only place they stop to let us buy stuff is a place where they rip you off, so thats an interesting strategy.

I will take pics with people, you might recognize Cortijo, he was my district leader in Yunguyo my first change in Sanabria before Powell came!

I am excited to have a pension again -- and a CHEF at that!  I really dont want to put on unneeded weight here, def gonna have to do exercises every morning I think.

Also there are English classes here wednesday and friday at the church building, should be fun!  I won't teach them right away, but think in a few weeks I might.

Mission President leaves in 3 weeks, he is here for half of this change, like helping the new President I imagine not sure, the new one arrives in a few weeks.! Crazy right!

Our Zone Leaders / Roommates are Elder Kline from the US and Elder Cortijo is a guy from Lima, I know him already so one gringo one latino.

Its weird though, this sunday are elections AGAIN (for the last time) That means no proselytizing again, might do something between us 4 elders in the house, not sure , we will see!

I love you, see you next week

Will take pics

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