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Monday, June 6, 2016

Back in Cusco

[First email from Connor just letting us know he would be back online later.]

So, we are here in Tuahantisuyo, its great here. TONS OF HILLS, TONS OF TOURISTS but it pays off, since today some tourists gave us 50 soles for lunch lol!  It was a member of the church from the US, but in general a lot of people greet us too when they see us.

I will send photos a bit later (when my companion is going to use the internet).  So tomorrow is the last interview we have with President Harbertson, because he goes home in 2 weeks!  It will be interesting to have a new mission president!

Be back on in a bit!

[Second email from Connor.]

So sorry, but now we have like ZERO time left for the internet, but it is alright, here are some photos!

So this week was a little rough, not companion wise, but instead just all the walking as it is literally full of hills here! Just stairs upon stairs upon stairs!  We are working with a family that is really humble and the husband is less active and the wife is an investigator that WANTS to get baptized but the only problem is they aren't married, and here it can be costly to get married.

A mass marriage is possible, but we figured out one is coming up the 11th of this month and its pretty much already too late to do anything, probably won't be another one till December/next year.

My new companion Elder Damazo and is alright.  He is from the outskirts of Lima and he likes to work hard. We have really different personalities but we get along fine.

This week we couldn't find ANY NEW investigators, but we had a TON of lessons and referrals and other stuff, its a nice change for sure from Juli! I am sure if we keep working we will find success, we already have 2 families that have the husband less active and the wife investigator wanting to get baptized but the problem is marriage and $$$.

Living with the zone leaders is alright, Elder Cortijo is like my brother!  Sharing the same sector is easy with the zone leaders, whoever finds or starts the teaching for an investigator, it is theirs and the others don't visit them.  It is not like we divided up the sector into 2 or anything!

Lucrepata is the street we live on, but im pretty sure its a huge street, I need to find the number or the street it crosses with. We live like, RIGHT on the intersection of 2 streets in a nice room.

Here are some random pictures of my with a big dig; a scary spider in our room; and some pics of our room.

So sorry guys but we got a TON to do today, and have our last interview with President Harbertson tomorrow, should be great!

Have a good week, will have more time next week!

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