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Monday, June 13, 2016

Another week in Cusco

So not much time to write today.  Sorry.  Right now I am with Elder Costa, Elder Williams, Elder Kline, Cortijo and my companion in an internet for a bit before playing soccer.

PS. Heard my package arrived, but will have to pick it up after playing soccer today.

So was a great week, we are still having problems with trying to find a large group wedding for our investigators, because I don't think we will find one until like august or something, sometimes money problems for the people of Peru really suck in the mission :P

So my file size is super big for the photos we took today, so will have to send them slowly, but today we went with a ton of elders and saw some ruins.

The interview was super cool with president, will be sad to see him leave, and along with him like a fourth of the people I know in the mission!  Crazy, so it will be really different.

I know that the church used to pay all the fees for folks to get married, but now they don't evidently.  It costs about 300 soles ($90 US) to get married here, but that is a lot of money to the locals for sure!  Most of the people here really don't have much, so it is so sad sometimes.

These people really have the desire to get married and get baptized, its just they also need a signature from their parents that live in Juliaca, like 6 hours from here so it just gets rough because Peru just doesn't have a real mail service.

The next group wedding is in August and it will be a trial for them to wait until that day.  But I am sure they will be blessed if they do it, they have the desire.

We will have to see, we have a few appointments with them this week and they still have to come to church 3 times before they can be baptized, but thanks so much!

So we are going to go play soccer, love you guys so much. Bye.

Here is a picture of a bunch of companions at the ruins today.

[Connor had taken a bunch of pictures but his internet connection was so bad that he couldn't upload them!  I found a bunch of pictures of these ruins from another Elder's blog who went with Connor that day.]

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