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Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Dad!

So this was a normal week, we are working hard and just a few problems with our investigators who need to find a way to get married, but we know if they have the desire they can actually pay for it, they told us that in the lesson this week.

So this week we had a great experience. So in the morning in our studies, I felt a strong impression we should do service to find more investigators. So I shared that during companion study and that day we set out to apply it. At like 5 PM we found a family and my comp is like, we are going to help them, because they had like a TON of full of bags of corn, so we offered to help. At first they were reluctant, but eventually they gave in and we helped them like 45 min and after taught a lesson to a family of 9 people. Was sorta crazy but now we have 9 new investigators!

So this week, also during our studies in the morning, we heard a BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP weird sound super loud outside, but being in Peru we didn't think it was anything unusual. So eventually like a few minutes later Elder Kline yells, "EYYYY VENGA," or like, come here!

So there was a gas truck that had flipped over carrying 130 gas canisters and they all went rolling down the hill, so we all had to take some pictures!

In our ward, gringos come EVERY WEEK to church, basically because our chapel is in the center of town, we have a LOT of tourists that come to church on Sunday.  Usually the are from Utah, but this week a family came that had a daughter that was preparing to serve a mission, and apparently she went to JERABEK! [Connor's elementary school.] They knew some members from SR1 ward and like Bishop Riding and stuff, was a really weird coincidence.  It was weird though that I didn't recognize the girl. [Connor couldn't remember the name of the family!]

I will send a video after this that shows a little bit when the car fell over.  We live in the house behind us as we are filming this video.  It is a house on a corner with a 4 way merge, we live on 2nd floor right above the little store on the corner.

There are a ton of tourists right now in Cusco.  Is actually VERY busy in the center of town.

Today I was actually thinking about getting a custom suit made, apparently there is a nice tailor where all the north american Elders go and it costs like about 300 soles [US $90].  You can also get it made so that on the inside it has a Peruvian flag and a USA flag on the other side, looks pretty cool but I don't know, it may be sort of obnoxious!

So my package did arrive, its awesome!

I of course shared mac and cheese with pension and other elders so 3 of the packs are already gone, I also gave the cheese powder to the pension so he can make stuff with that lol.

Our pension cooks super well, but the problem is, they (as well as ALL the people here) have problems with $$$. That is the sad part about this place, like he knows how to cook VERY well but there is just not that much money coming in from it!  Sad.

So yeah, the shirts fit nicely, the sleeves are a TAD short, not sure why, if my arms have grown or something, but it is definitely not a problem.  [We had sent Connor three new long sleeve white shirts]  The weird thing is, the new shirts don't have a shirt pocket, like where to put my name tag, but I almost always use a sweater so I can just put on the other one, and if i need to I can use a magnet one with my white shirt but just not be all that secure and could fall off!

Well I gotta go.  Love you, thanks for the package and all your support.

Elder Barry

[I couldn't believe that I bought shirts for him that didn't have a pocket!  Didn't even think about them NOT having a pocket and so just bought them on Amazon!]

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