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Monday, June 27, 2016

A great week!

So guys, the 1 year mark / half-way through mission is upon us, crazy right?

So overall this week was GREAT!

We put 2 baptismal dates this week, one for 23rd of July and the second for the 6th of August and all looks pretty good.

So the first is Urpi. She is the twin sister of a recent convert here.  Her sister gave us the reference and we were able to put a date for the 23rd.

The second one is with Brenda (she is the non-member who wants to get married to an inactive member (Jose), and we will also be rescuing Jose. Brenda has a date for the 6th of August. They will get married within that time. They are looking for a group marriage to participate in, but if not, they will just do it normally. They have the money, but I am thinking (as we discussed last week) of tossing in 50 soles to help them.

So Saturday we ate pizza as a zone because elder Williams and elder Polad are both going home TODAY. We have changes TODAY because President Harbertson goes home today, but I am sticking with Damazo. So we bought 6 pizzas from Papa Johns with a 2 for 1 price deal, was cool.

We also got to eat dinner at a great restaurant called Kion this week, its a SUPER nice restaurant (and chinese food).  A member owns the restaurant and invited the whole zone to eat (for FREE!). 12 missionaries. It was a banquet and costed about 800 soles, free, little weird huh? We ended up eating until like 9:25 at night and ended up running back to the house lol.

Also did a service this week, helped a member move. We loaded all his stuff into a truck and then hopped in the back. Was a little sketchy because I was in a seat in back and almost falling out of the car, good peruvian memories.

So TODAY we are going with the office elders to that tailor here who makes custom suits.  They know how to do it more. I am thinking of a dark blue one with a usa flag and peru flag embroidered inside like everyone does. will be an awesome memory.

But yeah, time is up, love you guys a ton. Talk to you NEXT WEEK in JULY!

-Elder Barry

PS. For Dad.

So the people in our zone are.

1. Me and my comp Elder Damazo
2. Elder Cortijo and Kline
3. Elder Polad and Vasquez
4. Hermana Rodriguez and Portugal
5. Elder Williams and Costa
6. Elder Flores and Carrasco

So those are all the companionships in our zone.


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