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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hump Day and 4th of July

[Connor's emails came on Monday morning early (4th of July) and caught us in Lake Arrowhead and honestly just having forgotten it was even Monday!  So we didn't get to "talk" with him much through emails as by the time we saw his emails his time was up. Connor also sent a fairly long video of him burning a white shirt to celebrate his one year mark.  I didn't upload it -- but you can just imagine it I am sure :).  I was a little disappointed as his mom and I had sent him cupcakes from a service that delivers packages to all the Peru missions.  He hadn't received it -- so the service was going to cook up a new batch and try again.  Here is a picture of what they evidently tried to get to him.]


So yeah, 1 year this week, was alright. Yesterday we all had to get showered in FREEZING water because the whole city didn't have power. I got like super sick in the 3rd hour of church. I still feel pretty bad right now too. I have like shivers, aches and a really sore throat but yeah its okay.

Any special plans for 4th of July?

So, here are some pictures:

1. Other missionaries had a baptism

2. Me with the flag of Cusco. (Strange it looks very similar to the gay pride flag)

3 and 4: Some sunday morning modeling.

I feel somewhat better now, but still a little sick.  We are all a bummed out because we have a conference with the new president today at 3. A P-day conference is a first for us, so everyone sort of upset that we are losing the time we usually play soccer. Evidently the assistants told our new president, "well monday is P-day" and he was just like. "Yeah , I know, they are going to get to know me for their P-Day".  So a new mission president seems to want to shake things up!

Love you all -- sorry for short emails -- have a lot to do today.  Say hi to everyone for me! Sheesh swimming sounds pretty good right now! Or eating it on the wakeboard or kneeboard a couple times.  Happy 4th!

[I received another picture from Connor's camera later that evening -- so looks to be from the conference on P-day]

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