Machu Picchu

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Staying in Cusco

So changes are today, but I am staying here in Tahuantinsuyo with Elder Damazo still.  That is great, I really love it here!

So Elder Cortijo is going to Quillabamba (jungle) to be with Elder Ludlow! (They are the two to my right in picture below). That is awesome as they are probably two of my most favorite friends in the mission.  I will see them both when we all go to Machu Picchu this change though. We planned it that way.

So I got the cupcakes on WEDNESDAY(6TH)! The office elder told us that they arrived TUESDAY (5TH). But sadly, by that time, they were already gone super bad lol, not sure if its true they sent another batch or whats up, but you can talk with them if you want :P I took pictures and stuff that have the date if you need it. Its okay though if not, lol.

[So Laura and I have discovered that sending fresh baked goods -- even from a Peruvian source -- just won't work with Connor and his mission.  Those are some fairly expensive / gone bad Cupcakes!]

But yeah, Elder Powell finishes today (my DL in Juli), sad but he is excited to go home.  I got to see him one last time as he was in our room last night.

So we still have 2 investigators with baptismal dates.

1. Urpi changed to 6 August 16 , needs 3 lessons still and 2 times at church still. The problem is that she always comes for the first hour, but work pulls her out for the rest. BUT, for the mission, you need to have the person come 3 times for 3 HOURS.

2. Janet and Jose are setting plans to get married this month, for the baptismal date also on the 6th.

My custom suit was ordered 2 weeks ago, have been passing by and we got everything all good. Will be actually picking it up today after internet.

I really need to take ALL my pants and suits into the tailor and get them re-sized.  I will have to get that done. The only pair of pants I have that fit me well are the blue ones, the rest are super baggy.

The other day we had the conference with President Herrera, and Elder Ludlow told me whispering "Dude get your pants stitched" grinning. Lol. Apparently they all look super baggy.

New zone leader (and roommate) is Elder Arias. He was comp of Elder Ludlow before coming here. He finishes in November. He was my zone leader when I started my mission lol, ive done divisions with him before, so its all good.

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you guys something interesting this week happened.

So remember how I said I was starting to feel better Monday? Well it got worse lol.

I woke up with like THE WORST sore throat I have ever had Tuesday, and I was taking cough drops and just trying to wait it off,

Wake up Wednesday, WORSE. So I am like, well, if its not gone today that is gonna be weird.

Wake up Thursday, WORSE! So we call the office, and pretty much get told to just power through it (like I have been doing) because it looks like they don't pay attention to Elders health until they are on their death bed.

So by SATURDAY (it was still hurting a ton, like worse every day), Elder Kline (my ZL) was in the room and he kind of got mad, called the office and finally convinced them to let us go to the doctor to see whats up. Apparently when Elder Kline was in his training he got super sick in his training and the office didn't pay attention until he was super bad, so he knows how it is.

SO, we go to the doctor, its like the mission doctor at some hospital, he is a returned missionary, and he takes a look and apparently I have some kind of infection in my throat.

Due to having the nose super blogged up all the time, I have been breathing through my mouth and it just got super messeed up. So yeah, gave me some antibiotics, and a few other stuff, I wake up the next day after taking them, and the pain is GONE! Was such an ez fix!  The doctor said it was good I came though because it was just going to get worse.

Sad news, my bag broke! The mission bag I have is falling apart. That is not very rare though, but It just doesn't have a shoulder strap anymore or a waist strap so I have to carry it like a briefcase walking around, sorta sucks.

So I am gonna see what to do, I assume I can find some bag here in Cusco pretty cheap, after all, I am only gonna need it for a little less than a year :P

So yeah, about sending some sweaters, I just hope they fit well! I feel so stupid (in a good way!) wearing like super baggy clothes but its all good lol.

Here is another group picture from our meeting last P-day.  New mission president, his wife and daughters in middle.

Well I gotta go.  Love you.

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